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Infographic: Kids Can Help Parents Get Healthier

Kids have the power to inspire their parents to get healthier. That's what KidsHealth learned after surveying more than 72,000 parents, kids, and teens.

In short, kids care about mom and dad and parents say their kids motivate them:Infographic Kids Can Help Parents
               Get Healthier

  • About half of kids and teens said they worry about their parents' health, and many (85% of kids) would be willing to make changes (like eating better, exercising more) to get the whole family healthier.
  • Nearly 80% of parents said they wanted to improve their health, and 92% would try to make healthy changes if their kids asked them to.

KidsHealth.org founder Dr. Neil Izenberg recently presented the survey results at the World Health Care Congress. His message was: Let's use this untapped potential to improve adult health. And if parents live healthier, we know they'll pass on better habits to their kids.

Here are two new articles and an infographic we created to help kids and teens be a positive spark:

For more information about the survey and infographic, please contact Ryan Biliski at biliski@kidshealth.org.